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Support our Meal-a-Day campaign for students

Nelson Mandela once said: ‘Freedom is meaningless if people cannot put food in their stomachs’. Similarly, students cannot be expected to study or write exams if they are hungry.

With this reality, Nelson Mandela University is embarking on a fundraising campaign to raise R1.3m to feed as many as 2000 students with one hot meal a day throughout the 23-day exam period.

The university is calling on staff, students, alumni and other stakeholders to financially contribute towards the Meal-a-Day campaign.

While the university is engaged in a number of programmes to support hungry students in a dignified way, the efforts by Campus Health with the support of Tiger Brands, various societies and a number of faculties are not coordinated and do not always reach all those in need of nutritional support. The distribution efforts of nutritional support are also impacted during exam time and hence a decision by the university to do all that it can to address the nutritional needs of students who are not getting enough to eat for reasons beyond their control.

Students will register to receive meals at their Campus Health Clinic and credit will be loaded onto their Meal Management System (MMS) card to enable them to purchase a hot meal from one of the cafeterias on campus. Process and criteria to qualify for Meal-a-Day


At R30 a meal for 2000 students over 23 days, the University needs to raise R1.3m! The Strategic Resource Mobilisation Office (SRMO) is actively pursuing the support of corporate companies but acknowledges that the goodwill of staff, students, alumni and other stakeholders is crucial.

To make an online donation, please use our donation platform. Should you make a donation of R500 or more, you are welcome to request a Section 18a Tax Exemption Certificate from our SRMO.

Should you prefer to donate cash to or to pay with a card but not online – please visit any of our cashiers on campus and use “Meal-A-Day” as your reference.

Let’s each do what we can to ensure our students are not hungry at the most telling time of the academic year. In doing so, we’ll be living our values as a university and doing our namesake sake proud.